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Aggie STEM Summer Camp 2020 Counselor

Counselor Position

Overview of the day and night counselor positions available:

We have two week and one week camps going on at the same time, so to stay consistent we ask for a 2 week minimum of employment. It is 4 weeks total of camp for the summer. The dates of the camps can be found on our summer camp page.
Day counselorsYou will meet the students at a designated drop off area and take them to their classes. The students have classes, trips, and lunch during the day that you will accompany the students to. You will serve as a second set of eyes and assist the teachers. Once classes are finished, you will take your group to the busses and you may leave for the day. There are night activities that you are welcome to join as well.
Night counselors: You will stay in the same housing as the campers during your time as a night counselor. The students will meet you at the bus stop where your shift will begin. You will be responsible for monitoring the kids during dinner and the night activities, which will end around 9:30pm. After the night activity, your responsibility will be to ensure all students are in their room and be on call throughout the night in the event something were to go wrong. After the students have breakfast and you load them on the bus to go to campus, your shift is done until the evening.
Both day and night counselors will be responsible for the weekend. Meals are included during your working hours. If you are not CPR or first aid certified during the time of the camp, you are required to attend a training we will provide.
Applications are open for ASSC Summer 2020! Click the box below to be redirected to the application page. Applications must be submitted by February 14, 2020.

If you have any questions please contact Danielle Bevan at dbevan114@tamu.edu or 979- 862-4665.