Aggie STEM is a collaboration between Texas A&M’s College of Education and Human Development and the College of Engineering.

Spots are still available for BioFORCE!

Spots are still available for BioFORCE!

We still have spots remaining with our partner camp: BioFORCE! BioFORCE’s 3-year series of biotechnology-focused camps prepares students for college…

- by McKennah Edmunds
Camp registration will be closing!

Camp registration will be closing!

Camp registration will be closing! Spots are still available for Advancing into STEM with Vet Med, Elementary Day Camp, and…

- by McKennah Edmunds
Spots still available for Health Professions Camp!

Spots still available for Health Professions Camp!

Spots are still open for the Health Professions camp! Come be apart of this amazing camp today! For more information,…

- by McKennah Edmunds
SERA 2020

SERA 2020

Aggie STEM presented at the Southwest Educational Research Association (SERA) last week in Arlington! #sera2020 @EdResearchSERA And, Rachelle, Macie, and…

- by McKennah Edmunds


These are books sold through Aggie STEM. Please feel free to click on the book cover for purchasing information.

Coaching and Mentoring: A Handbook for Leadership Success

A book designed and written by a team of researchers working with principals, curriculum coaches, and district leadership team to be easy to read, implement, and helpful when conducting professional development. It includes forms and chapter questions to help you be sure that you are getting the most from the reading. This book is unique because it is the only publication of its kind to showcase mentoring and coaching side-by-side providing a clear differentiation between the two most common forms of school site personnel support.

Fearless Fractions – Crosswalk Coach for Teacher Workbook

This free companion to the Teacher and Student Workbooks show the alignment between each lesson with NCTM Focal Points, Common Core Standards, TEKS, and STAAR Reporting Categories.

Fearless Fractions

The Fearless Fractions curriculum was developed by two teachers. The lessons were designed to help students and teachers develop mathematical power with fractions, ratios, and proportions. The lessons use colorful manipulatives to help students gain a conceptual understanding of fractions, ratios, probability, proportions, and percentages. They will seamlessly transition from the concrete to the abstract when problem-solving over 100 real-life situations. The new Teacher Workbook also includes the review and test materials. These materials were designed for the busy elementary and middle school teacher.

The Teacher Workbook provides teachers with scripted lessons, daily lesson plans, and review and test materials that are aligned with the following standards:
*National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Standards
*Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills
*State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness
*Common Core State Standards
*College and Career Readiness Standards

The Student Workbook provides the practice pages that are aligned with the lessons in the Teacher Workbook. First, students gain understanding of the concepts in each lesson and then are provided opportunities to apply their knowledge to real-life situations.

A Companion to Interdisciplinary STEM Project Based Learning: For Teachers by Teachers

Lesson plans from teachers who used STEM Project Based Learning for 3 years.

A Companion to Interdisciplinary STEM Project-Based Learning: For Educators by Educators (Second Edition)

This text contains 25 Project-Based Learning (PBL) lessons written by a combination of undergraduate preservice teachers, inservice teachers, and graduate students.

Leadership for Equity and Excellence

A book about creating high-achieving classroom, schools, and districts.

Improving Urban Schools: Equity and Access in K-16 STEM Education for All Students


Project based learning: An integrated science technology engineering and mathematics (STEM) approach

This is the best selling STEM Project Based Learning book in its category (SENSE, 2017). It is used in teacher professional development and graduate classes. It is used in most Aggie STEM on-line and STEM Certificate Classes.

Learning to Learn Becoming a Self-Grower