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1411 Hensel Street
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4232 TAMU
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Call: 979-862-4665
Email: aggiestem@tamu.edu

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Aggie STEM Excellence Fund


Thank you for your interest in Aggie STEM at Texas A&M University. There has been an increase in people and companies who want to contribute to our mission. In response to numerous requests, we have established a tax deductible link to facilitate your support.

Our goal is to allow corporations and individuals  to sponsor our summer camps and support our work which will allow us expand our reach and offer assistance to underserved middle and high school students to enhance their education by attending Aggie STEM Summer Camps.  Additionally, we seek support for our STEM Teacher Boot Camp where classroom teachers learn to integrate research from Texas A&M University into their classroom by participating in labs across campus.  We believe these high impact activities and opportunities can transform how teachers teach and what students will be able to do.

Make your tax deductible gift today by clicking the button below.

We thank you in advance,

Dr. Robert Capraro, Dr. Mary Margaret Capraro, & Dr. Luciana Barroso

Aggie STEM Directors