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STEM School Accreditation Readiness Review

What is the Readiness Review?

The Readiness Review ensures that your STEM School Program or your Specific Content Review is prepared for the accreditation review process before investing the time and resources for the on-site visit. STEM Schools that are running and have been for 2-3 years can typically proceed with the School Review. However, when the STEM program is not fully implemented except in only specific content areas (some subset of the Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics) only the content areas that are ready may undergo review. The benefit of reviewing individual content areas is that once a school has completed its first academic content area review it is better prepared and will have deeper understanding of the process that will facilitate a successful review of the other areas. The content review can review as many areas as are ready for review and the Readiness Review will indicate which ones are suitable for review. Regardless, whether the accreditation is done via multiple individual content area reviews or as a single STEM School Review, both paths lead to STEM School Accreditation.

If your program is seeking initial accreditation and is housed in an institution with no current Aggie STEM accredited programs in your district or municipality, you will be required to undergo a Readiness Review prior to submitting a formal  STEM School Evaluation Request (SSER).

If you are not sure whether you need to do a Readiness Review, contact Aggie STEM.

Required Documents

  1. Request a Readiness Review (RRR)– Inform Aggie STEM of your intent by completing the online RRR (one per School or grade band (if K-12 is located in the same building) preferably before September 1 and December 1 of each year. Readiness Review Report – Submit one Readiness Review Dossier by October 1 or January 1 of the year before you plan to submit a Request Final Evaluation (RFE).
  2. Transcript– Include a scanned copy of one graduate’s official transcript from the most recent graduating class with the Readiness Review Report by October 1. All materials must be submitted electronically via the Aggie STEM Portal.  No submission after the October 1 deadline nor an email submission will be accepted.
  3. Dossier– Include a scanned copy of three student’s official transcript from the most recent graduating or promotion class with the Readiness Review Report, and other supporting documentation as detailed in the Readiness Review by October 1 or January 1. All materials must be submitted electronically via the Aggie STEM portal.  No submission will not be accepted after the October 1 and January 1 deadlines.  The two dates are discrete and not a period of time. The portal will open at midnight of the due date and close at 11:59 Central Standard Time or GMT -5.

To allow ample time for completing the Readiness Review Dossier (RRD) via the online portal by the announced deadlines, early completion of the online RRD form is strongly recommended.